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Oct 21, 2011

Our Trip to the Black Hills

Mt. Rushmore at night

We went to visit with Mom and Dad for a week in August.  It was a wonderful visit.  Mom and Dad were going on a car tour with their car club.  They asked us to come with them.  It was an experience to remember for a life time.
On our way we stopped to spend the night with Lori and Eli.  We didn't visit much, but it was so good to hug them.  I miss Lori!  We tried to cross the Missouri River on our way to Nebraska.  It was still flooded.  We had to detour for over 2 hours to find a place to cross.  Everything was so green and pretty.  At home we are suffering from a severe drought.  The river was so wide - at places it was over six miles wide.  At first I thought it was a lake, until I noticed a large church sitting in the middle of the lake.

The flooded river with the interstate closed

See the church in the middle of the water

One of Dad's friend's car
A Cool Treat - Daddy's '58-Olds
The old cars were so much fun to see.  I can see why Dad loves the car club like he does.  The people in the club love my folks!  Every year this group goes to the Black Hills for a few days.  We stayed in a cabin.  You can see the cabin in the background of the picture of the Model T.  The weather was beautiful.                                                                  
Leaving on our trip
Dad is in the red shirt.  Nice Model T
                               After we got all settled in the cabin, we visited with the other folks in the camp ground.  It was a beautiful place.  There were cabins and camper spaces.  Some of the members of the car club bring campers and trailers for their cars.  Our first supper was in the camp ground.  One of the members gets all the food together for the club.  The meal was sloppy-joes.  The lady put gumbo soup into the sloppy-joes.  It was delicious. The fellowship was so good.

The first morning all the cars lined up to leave the camp ground.  We went to the Woodcarving Museum.  The carvings were so good.  They looked just like the ones that Uncle Larry carves. 

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