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Oct 22, 2011

October 22, 2011

This morning I woke up with one of my headaches.  I haven't accomplished much today.  I didn't even get dressed until about 10:00 am.   I missed going to Soul Winning this morning.  I am glad that I didn't have a headache while I was gone last weekend.  I probably didn't drink enough water yesterday.

Buster had more help today.  Sam & Bonnie came to help him awhile this morning.  He has all the arches up now.  He spent the afternoon cleaning up trash and limbs around the new building.  It does look much better around there now.  I picked up trash like empty water bottles, towels, paper, boxes, and light things that I could put in a trash bag to be hauled off.  The burning pile is getting bigger and bigger, but still we haven't had enough rain to call off the burn ban. 

It has been a beautiful day all in all.  Warm with a little breeze.

I called Mom & Dad.  They are having a great time with Bea & Patti.  Today they went to Silver Dollar City.  I am sure they had a great time. 

Eli & Lori should be headed home from Tennessee today.  They have sent some beautiful pictures of the fall leaves.  Lori loves the fall colors. 

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  1. Boy, I've fallen behind on commenting here, I'm sorry, Ginger! It's good to hear you share and the visits you got in with the folks and family. I know you miss your girls, Lori was good company!

    Too bad about your headache, I took a nap myself because of one today. I always want to do more than I can accomplish on my Saturdays.

    Lori's pictures from Tennessee sure pulled at my heart. My last time to be on the east coast in the fall was 10 years ago, and before that I was in jr high. I had forgotten how beautiful the fall season was back there ~


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