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Our Lord has been so good to us.

Proverbs 16:3 "Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established."

Oct 31, 2012

Our Pickles

  While we were in Missouri visiting with Eli and Lori we went to an auction.  It was very interesting.  The auction was put on every Friday by the Amish community close to where they live.  We bid on boxes of vegetables and pots of mums.  I did enjoy the entire morning.  

  We gave most of the vegetables away when we got home, but the cucumbers no one seemed to want.  So Buster and Nannie put up Bread and Butter pickles and Red Pickles.  They  did have fun.  Leave it to Buster to find an easier way to do things.  He used his meat slicer to slice all those cucumbers.  It worked great.  

We will enjoy those Red Hot Pickles for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.  The family likes them.

Oct 29, 2012

Inside the changing project

  Here is the inside of the bathroom.  The bathroom will open through the window. 
What a blessing to have more room.

This weekend Buster took some lumber to have a friend plain it.  He will use the planks for the flooring.  He is out there working this evening.  

A special time

  Saturday our election polling was open for early voting.  Nannie wanted to go to the polls and vote this year.  


After voting we were going to go to the Sassafras Festival on the square.  We couldn't find a place close enough for Nannie to get out and walk.  She didn't want me to leave her while I went to find a spot to park.  We needed someone else to go with us.  I should have thought ahead of time.  

We were glad we voted anyway!


Oct 28, 2012

Our project - getting started

  Buster has all the details worked out in his mind.  Yesterday he used this "Big Ugly" tool.  He bought it years ago on EBay.  It has saved him many an hour of hard labor.  Once you dig a hole in the concrete you have committed to the course of action for your job!


    The shower stall will sit right here.  

Oct 26, 2012

A new project at our house

  We have been thinking about putting a shower in our family bathroom for years.  We just couldn't justify taking out the old claw tub.  Buster came up with a new idea!  Why not expand the bathroom and keep the claw tub?  That is a wonderful idea!  
Buster is going out onto the porch by cutting a door through the logs where the small bathroom window is located.  He will put in a shower, a wall, new floor, and ceiling.  We even have a deadline!  November 12.  It is a big project but, when he sets his mind to a project - he gets it done.  

We are planning to have a missionary family stay with us for our Mission Conference.  It is the Dan Post family.  To me they are heros!  They were missionaries in Ivory Coast when Joe and Laura were there.  They were so helpful to Joe and Lo when they had to evacuate due to the civil war.  This family kept Joe's household goods while Joe and Lo were in the states.  We have visited with the Posts in Africa when we were there.  We are looking forward to visiting with them.  This family came out of Africa with what they could put in their suitcases.  What can we do to be a blessing to this precious family?

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Oct 25, 2012

The changing moment in America

  The last few months we have been very busy at our house.  My blogging computer has been off line and I haven't been able to find time to blog on my other computers.  I usually try to do work at the work computers.  Sometimes I do spend a little too long on Facebook.

We are facing an historic time in our country.  I do not think we are exaggerating the importance of the choices we must make in just 12 days.  

The choices are clear and simple to me.  On the side of President Obama we have progressive, godless, anti-American,  ideas that are destroying our way of life.  On the side of Govenor Romney we have free enterprise, God fearing,  patriotic, ideas that are familiar to our way of life.  The choice is as I see it is, do we want to continue with the American dream or do we want to have Obama's dream for our future?