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Oct 25, 2011

October 25, 2011

What a beautiful day!  Cool and clear.  I would love to be outside working on our yard, but I needed to catch up a little in the office.  It is coming close to the end of the year stuff to do.  Yuck! 

Betsy is home ill today.  She has something wrong on her right side.  Her arm stays numb and cold.  It hurts under her arm and across her chest.  Her leg feels like a Charley horse, but it is not.  Her Dr said she has pinched nerves in her neck and arthritis.  Today she went to the Chiropractor.  He took x-rays and said he needed to study them before he could work on her.  She slept all weekend and I am sure she slept the rest of today. 

Buster is still working on his building.  He has the door frame up and most of one end.  The guys helped him this afternoon after they finished reading meters. 

It was great hearing from Lori today.  She is back from her trip and back to work.  That first few days after vacation is so hard.  When we taught school it was hard to get the kids back in routine to suit us.  I guess it is the same at a store. 

Buster has been having severe heart burn lately.  Today I read on the Internet that if he would eat a Red Delicious Apple before bedtime that the indigestion would calm down.  I downloaded the rest of the information to find other remedies that would help.  We will try them.  The OTCs and prescriptions don't seem to help.  Maybe some home remedies will.  We will let you know how that does in the next few days. 

Mandy and her family are enjoying company right now.  Dave's sister and family are visiting for a week or so.  The kids will have cousins to play with for a few days.  I know they are so excited.  I sure miss seeing them more often.  We were so glad to go visit earlier this year.  We get a kick out of talking on the phone though. 

I need to go prepare a tasty supper for my sweetheart.


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