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Oct 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

We had a wonderful time at church yesterday.  Buster and I teach Sunday School.  We like to be at church at least 30 minutes early to be sure our classes are set up.  We have been having 5-6 kids in each class lately.  I still am praying for 50 girls in my class.  The Lord knows best though.  We are studying important men in the New Testament.  This week the lesson was on Apollos.

After Sunday School we do a Junior Church.  Our Jr. Church is for bus kids from 5 to 10 years old.  Lately we have been having about 30 in there.  We have had as many as 100 and as few as 2.  I sing songs and teach about the Bible.  We learn the books of the Bible and many details that would help later as they study their Bibles.  We learn the 12 tribes, the 12 apostles, creation, heaven, the gospel, the 10 commandments, and verses such as Phil. 4:13, Ps 23, John 3:16, and Eph. 3:8-9.  The preaching is a series of Bible stories like Moses, or the Life of Christ.  Buster does games after all of that until the bus captains come.  Buster reviews all that has been covered for the last few weeks.  Every year the children come into our Junior Church knowing less and less about the Bible. 

We go home to eat a quick lunch and take a rest for about an hour or so.  We leave to go back to church at 3:30 pm.  Buster has a staff meeting and I use that hour to prepare for my evening classes.  I am teaching church girls from K-12.  Right now we are learning how to make greeting cards.  The girls have so much fun.  I have the K-7 from 5-5:30 and the 8-12 from 5:30-6:00.  It is a quick time, but we have tea, talk about serving Christ in our church, and make things.  We have started beginning quilting, how to write encouraging cards, now making cards, . . . It does keep me busy getting things organized. 
I love those classes.  After that our church service starts at 6:00 pm.  Last night Bro. Dodson preached about standards and about his trip to the Philippines.  He was there two weeks visiting our missionaries there.  Our church is such a blessing.  Thank you, Lord, for our church. 

Today I went to Nacogdoches to talk to our life insurance carrier and to the CPA for the water systems.  The state of Texas has changed a few regulations about the annual meetings and the election of officers.  I needed to get that straight in my mind before I start setting the details up for the Boards of Directors.  After that I went to do a little shopping.  I have a big project I am working on that I will talk about later.

Buster has his fire meeting tonight.  He is a volunteer fireman.  He loves it.  He told me as soon as that signal sounds for him to go he doesn't hurt at all until he gets back home.  He has been working on that building today.  He picked up some heavy metal doors to hang in his building.  Our church took them out and replaced them with glass doors.  The doors weren't being used so Bro. Eddie gave them to Buster before they were sent to the dump.  The doors are so heavy that Buster's shoulders and arms are sore from working with them.  

Lo, I don't know how you write every day.  You don't feel good, but you are still so cheerful and tell us things about the kids and your lives there.  Thank you so much.  It helps all of your family stay close to you.

Megan brought her baby over this afternoon to visit with Nannie.  Nannie was so pleased.   

I called Mom and Dad this afternoon; they will head to Kansas tomorrow.  They went to silver dollar city on Saturday.  They had a good time.

Good night all,

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  1. Good share! I wanted to call the folks this weekend, so now I know I need to wait a bit more.
    Sundays are always so busy, but it's a good work.


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