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Oct 28, 2011


I thought you would enjoy an update on  Danny James Consford.  He was named after our Pastor Danny Dodson, and Dr. Jim Vineyard.  For several weeks he has been swimming in a nearby pool without any floating devices.  A few days ago Joe took the kids to the pool when Danny took a running dive into the pool, caught this lizard, killed it, and threw it out of the pool. 

Joe didn’t even have time to check on what type of lizard it was before it all happened.   The thing looks as long as Danny is tall.

Here are a few other pictures that you might enjoy.
Danny still has a hard head.
Danny being baptised.

Holding a green Mamba.
Danny crying when a member moved.
He burned his foot putting limbs on the burning pile
Danny in line after recess at school in Africa.
 Last week he helped the yard guard.  The guard caught a squirrel by the tail.  It was trying to get away into a hole in the ground.  Danny stomped on the squirrel’s head.  The kids watched as the guards cooked the squirrel to put into their soup.  The big surprise was that Danny had shoes on at the time.

Explaining to Dad how he caught the squirrel.
He had shoes on.
Watching the guards cook the squirrel.
Hair and all.

 Uncle Larry is telling everybody that Danny is special forces material.  I pray that he will be a good soldier in God’s army.  All I have to say is that Joe has his hands full to keep this boy busy, challenged, and following the Lord. 

Happy Birthday, Danny!  We love you and miss you bunches.

5 years old



  1. How cute is that?!? Happy Birthday, dear great nephew, from Uncle Larry and and Aunt Pokey

  2. What a live-wire, but what can you expect when you are named after Bro. Dodson and Bro. Vineyard?! :-) Quite the combination!

    My kids really enjoyed this post!!! I think Danny is now their hero!

    Happy 5th Birthday, precious boy!

    (By the way, I just subscribed... thank you!)


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