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Oct 21, 2011

October 21, 2011

Good morning,
We are waiting for a French class that we bought on disk.  It should have come in the mail this week.  I am supposed to listen to it faithfully 30 minutes every day and hopefully I will be able to speak in 10 days.  I am excited about that. 

It is time to start cleaning up the yard and getting ready for winter.  I am clipping things back and pulling things down.  The yard was looking like a jungle that just went through a drought.  Nannie might want to go to a nursery today to get pansies and flowering cabbage to put in our flower beds for the winter.  She said, "Let's wait until it gets a little warmer." 

The end facing our house
Good help for building
Scissor lift piled with tools
The new shop building is coming along just fine.  Buster has 3 more arches to put up.  One end is almost up.  The scissor lift was delivered yesterday.  He is excited about getting it together and using it.

Uncle Larry and Aunt Lu bought a camper so that they can go places easier.  It is hard for Aunt Lu to travel due to her pain from Fibro.  They are so excited about having the camper.  Their first trip will be to Missouri to see Uncle Larry's family before Thanksgiving.  They will stop by to visit with Eli & Lori on their way home. 
There is a slide out on the other sided.  They will have so much fun going to shows where Uncle Larry will be demonstrating his wood carving.  He has a date for Silver Dollar City in Branson after the new year.  At Christmas time he will be demonstrating at the Miller's Crossing Ole Time Christmas.  We want him to think about the one in South Dakota too. 

Oh yes, I just talked to a publisher on the phone.  He wants to talk about a book about the kids in Africa.  I've been dreaming about a book.  Laura has been blogging everyday to have a good diary to draw from.  He suggested we concentrate on Chapters with different stories instead of an entire book to begin our endeavors.  It is an exciting idea. 

Have a great day! 

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