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Apr 21, 2010

Mandy and her family are moving

A few years ago, everyone was studying the "Prayer of Jabez."  The prayer is in I Chronicles 4:10.  I prayed about enlarging my coast too.  My coast is being enlarged again.  Mandy is moving farther away.  She is moving to Ft. McMurray in Northern Alberta.  Believe me, it is way up there.  As far as I can see on the map, it is the end of the road.

Mandy gave me a little word of cheer.  She said there is a nonstop to Ft. Mac from Las Vegas.  It might be easier to get there than to Kelowna.

They sold their house and will sign the contract for a house in Ft. Mac.  It hasn't been easy.  The inspection of the house before it could be sold showed that the attic was full of mold.  The builders only put in one vent in the eves.  There should have been at least six.  Mandy is fighting city hall about that.  It cost over $6,000 to have the mold cleaned up and to replace the insulation in the attic.  The mold wasn't the dangerous type (one good thing).  All of that is behind them now except trying to get the builder to put in more vents and pay for the clean up. 

Mandy and Dave just love the church in Ft. Mac.  They have visited with the pastor and his family several times now.  They said that the pastor reminds them of Uncle Larry.  

It is hard for us to conceive buying a house for 1/2 million dollars that is nearly 30 years old.  The house is a regular 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house with a full basement.  The cost of living is just that high there. 

Dave loves his job.  The girls are eager to move.  Mandy likes the adventure.  It was Dave's plan when he graduated from Oklahoma Baptist College to be able to move to different places in Canada to help small churches.  It will be interesting to see how our Lord uses this family in Ft. Mac.

Mandy will be without a house for two weeks.  She will stay with the girls in a camp trailer that belongs to their neighbor and friend in Kelowna.  Mandy will be able to continue homeschooling in the camper.  The girls are so excited!  Next Monday, April 26, 2010, is the official moving day, Tuesday is cleaning day, and on Wednesday they turn the house over to the new owners. 

Lori went up from Spokane to help Mandy during spring break.  They rode the train to Edmonton, and then took a bus to Ft. Mac.  It was an experience and very scenic. They did that so Mandy could drive their truck back home. Dave was using the truck in Ft. Mac. When they left Ft. Mac, it was snowing.  The pastor recommended that they not leave.  Dave told the pastor that Mandy and Lori would be just fine.  He told the pastor that Mandy and Lori were different than most girls. When Mandy called back, the pastor said there was four feet of snow drifts there.  The girls sure were glad they left when they did.

I am sure the trip was too long for little girls.  It took them two days riding the train and the bus.  They looked at houses for two days in Ft. Mac.  Now two more days to go back home.  It was an action-packed week.
Sammy Jo and Margaret were tracking their travel on the map.  Margaret was acting like she could read.  The funny thing was that she was on the right spot on the map. Those girls are so much fun.

On the trip home, they saw many animals.  The mountain sheep wouldn't move off the road.  They had to wait until the animals moved.  The Elk were grazing next to the road.

While they were in Ft. Mac, Mandy found a house.  It meets their needs, and they like it.  It even has a big yard so the girls can have a dog!

Last week, Dave flew back home, signed the contract papers, ordered a moving truck, cleaned out the garage, took the bunk beds apart, and loaded up their Mustang and 4 wheeler on a rented trailer to go back to Ft. Mac.  He had a busy week too.

When you pray Jabez's prayer next time, remember your children might be involved.  I am glad the Lord can use our children.  All of them are ready to go anytime He says, "Move."  Our son and family are missionaries to West Africa, our daughter and family are going to Northern Alberta, Canada, and our youngest daughter is teaching in a Christian school in Spokane, Washington.  I wonder what the future holds for these young people.

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  1. It is all so amazing, the distance, the prices of housing, the weather, all seem in the extreme!
    I hope all goes well.


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