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Apr 26, 2010

Are you going to please God?

Margaret, Mandy's youngest, is two.  Her dad says she is 10 years old caught in a two-year-old body.  She says the cutest things.

Last night, Mandy was moving all their sleeping supplies into the camp trailer that they will be staying in for the next two weeks.  Margaret wanted yogurt for bedtime snack.  She asked her mom not to forget.  Mandy got the girls bathed, dressed in night clothes, teeth brushed, blankies gathered, and ready to go to the trailer. Margaret stopped the progress by saying, "Mom, are you going to please God?" 

Mandy then remembered she had promised Margaret the yogurt for bed time snack.  Promises to children fall under the definition of pleasing God in a two year old's mind.  I am so glad that Mandy knows her children well.

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