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Apr 14, 2010

Joe and his family on deputation

Yesterday, Joe and his family were leaving to go to a missions conference in Aransas Pass (close to Corpus Christi).  I opened the van door to tell the kids that I would miss them.  The van was loaded down with "World's Finest Chocolate."  Our church school had a candy sell several weeks ago.  Because of Laura's radiation treatments, etc. they never had time to get it sold.  I asked Joe what he was going to do.  He said he was going to get that candy sold on the way so they would have gas money for the trip.  I asked him if he needed any money.  He told me he didn't need money when he had all that candy.  Off they went.  He sold $150 worth before he left San Augustine.  (They really did have money for the trip, but they needed to get the candy out of their house.)

Last night, he called to say they had stopped in Houston at an office building.  It was a very nice office.  Everyone was nicely dressed and was so pleasant.  It was Danny's turn to sell this time.  The people were buying candy just right and left when the big boss came in.  Joe said the man looked like he was wearing a $5,000 suit.  Danny asked him if he wanted to buy some candy.  The boss said he just came back from lunch and didn't have any cash left or he would buy some.  He didn't have a dime in his pocket.  Without hesitation, Danny reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter.  He handed it to the boss saying with his Elmer Fudd lisp, "I am sorry, Sir, you don't have any money.  You can have my quarter." 

The boss looked up at Joe and said, "You bring him back in 15 years; he has a job."


  1. I have enjoyed looking around your blog and reading your words of wisdom. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Sniff, sniff! Auntie Pokey is so very proud! ( I know you are too, Gramma!!)

  3. Yes I am! Kids do such sweet things that sometimes we over look. Thanks Pokey & Jeannie.


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