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Apr 26, 2010

Honeysuckle in the Spring time

Gilbert is in 4-year-old Kindergarten this year.  His teacher brought in a piece of blooming honeysuckle vine for the children in her class to smell.  Gilbert said it smelled like ALLERGIES to him. 

He loves to run, fish, jump, run, swing, slide, hit the baseball, vacuum, run, talk, and be outdoors.  Did I mention that he loves to run?  He is very good at driving our "Mule" around the farm too.  (We don't let him go without an adult yet.)  He looks so much like his dad did at that age!

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  1. I love his comment about the honeysuckle smelling like allergies to him!! I understand. My neighbor has some plants all around his house that smell just like that to me to.


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