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Apr 1, 2011

More remodeling the outside of the house

putting up the breeze way
Making sure it is level
We have wanted to add a cover around the edge of the house for many years.  It will protect our logs from rain and the hot sunshine.  We had time to do it right now.  Buster has been thinking about what exactly he  wanted.  The other day itcame to him that we could use a breeze way to the car port (which we do not have yet).  The breeze way would set the style and the other part would be able to fit into it easier.

back of the house
The awning like addition will help keep the house cooler too.  We are very glad to get this done before it gets very hot this summer.  Our logs are holding up well, but they do need a little protection. 
Buster watching the activity.

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  1. It's good to see Buster and his pretty blue eyes. You will certainly enjoy the shade for the house! I'm enjoying see you share again, Ginger.
    Larry's comment was "It's good to see Buster doin' what 'old men' do best, sit around and watch the work". What a BIL is he, huh?


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