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Nov 3, 2012

Buster's bad back

  My husband is the kind of man that is just like my dad.  He can do anything he sets his mind to do.  He could probably do anything, but there are many things he just hasn't gotten interested in yet.  Our daughters wanted to grow up and marry someone just like him.  It took them awhile to find their man, but they found men that can do anything they set their mind to do. 

Buster seemed a little bored I guess, so he joined the Volunteer Fire Department.  Bad back and all!  He has enjoyed each meeting and each fire call.  He can crawl into bed so tired that he thought he would never be able to go to sleep, and the fire alarm goes off!  Up he jumps and off he goes like a young man that hasn't faced back surgery, knee surgery, and all the other pains he faces.  He will feel pretty good for a few days too.  

Last weekend the fire deptment had a demonstration at the Sassafras festival.  We did get to see that.  We could park right by it so even Nannie went to watch.  Buster's job was to operate the pump.  


You can tell who Buster is, he is wearing black.  He does have a fire suit like the other guys.  He wears a fire pager on his hip all the time.  Now he has one of the older fire trucks parked here at the house.  He has been fixing it up in his spare time.  It neede new lights on top and serviced.  He has smoothed out a few dents and polished it up too.  I will get a few pictures of it soon.

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