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Oct 31, 2012

Our Pickles

  While we were in Missouri visiting with Eli and Lori we went to an auction.  It was very interesting.  The auction was put on every Friday by the Amish community close to where they live.  We bid on boxes of vegetables and pots of mums.  I did enjoy the entire morning.  

  We gave most of the vegetables away when we got home, but the cucumbers no one seemed to want.  So Buster and Nannie put up Bread and Butter pickles and Red Pickles.  They  did have fun.  Leave it to Buster to find an easier way to do things.  He used his meat slicer to slice all those cucumbers.  It worked great.  

We will enjoy those Red Hot Pickles for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.  The family likes them.


  1. Your kitchen looks so pretty, Ginger. Hurray for a man to find ways to do something easier ~

    1. Thanks Pokey. Buster does find different ways to make things easier. Love ya!


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