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Nov 16, 2012

Almost complete!

  Buster has done an excellent job!  The new addition to our main bathroom is almost finished.  Today we are varnishing the walls, ceiling, and floor.  We will go pick up the shower door, towel rack, and perhaps curtain rods.  It will be ready for use.  After our company we will reprint the rest of the bathroom.  We have old wall paper that needs a little updating.  The closet in the room needs to be taken out to make more floor space.  

I have looked and looked at pictures in magazines.  I do have an idea what style I would like to have.  The results will end up being a touch of what I have in mind, a little of what we have on hand, and then a little of what Buster has in mind.  The result will be a unique style that will fit us perfectly!




  1. I am wondering if the quilt is being used for a curtain. Great idea. Very pretty!


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