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Mar 11, 2011

My Hero

My daughter-in-law asked why Dad wasn't in any of the posts yet.  I was doing a post on each grandchild.  Then too many things were happening to keep up the blogs.  Well, I am back at it again.  This post is all about my hero, Ernie.  Most people in town call him Buster.  Buster & Ginger sound very good together so now we call him Buster most of the time.  He is a master plumber, a master electrician, and a wonderful man.  He loves the Lord and has lead his family in the path of Jesus.  We all love him and turn to him for strength and comfort. 

Buster had back surgery in October so he has slowed down on his plumbing work.  That doesn't mean he has slowed down working though.  He built a RV park on our property. Oil workers are always needing a place to stay.  His web site is:  That site will tell you all about it.  He thought that might be income that he wouldn't have to work so hard at.  He had to figure out how to make wifi available to each sit.  He has been using his backhoe to bring in gravel to put on the drives of each site. 
He also moved a portable building in that he could use for his office.  He said that it was too noisey in our office for him. 

He loves old things.  So he has been hanging old things from around the place from the ceiling like they do in Cracker Barell.  He thought the tin would make a great ceiling for his office. 

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