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Feb 28, 2011

Birthday presents for granddaughters

This year I thought it would be nice to get each granddaughter an 18" doll.  I would make an heirloom nightgown with a nightgown to match for their doll.  I am having a ball.  I ordered 5 Madame Alexander dolls.  One for each girl and one for me.  That way I could keep making outfits for the dolls in the coming months.  I tried to match the girl's hair color to their doll.  I started with Sammy Jo's.  One thing leads to another.  I thought ballet slippers would be nice for house shoes for the girls.  So, I ordered them.  Then I needed to order ballet slippers for the dolls.  I chose a doll for Sammy Jo that has long, dark hair with bangs.  When the dolls came I did not like the looks of the hair.  I had to learn how to style the hair and set it with 165* water.  I love the hair now.  The nightgowns were fun to make. 

The next birthday was for Rachel.  She has dark curly hair and wears glasses.  So I ordered glasses for her doll and curled the doll's hair.  Rachel loves dark purple.  That was easy to do because I love purple.  Rachel's gift is in the mail.  We will get pictures of her in her nightgown after she opens her present.  Did I say that I was having a ball?

Lori, our daughter, just went to work for JoAnn's.  Now I can call her and ask for more "posh" materical for the next 2 girls.  Their birthdays are also very close to each other.  I will be busy making those outfits soon.

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