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Feb 24, 2011

News from Africa

    Civil war has broken out in the Ivory Coast.  Three weeks ago our kids decided to get visas into neighboring countries so they could cross the boarder.  They left at just the right time.  Our other friends that are missionaries in Ivory Coast must go back to the United States.  The US Embassy is closed so they aren't able to get visas. 
    Joe, Laura, and the three kids are in Ghana presently.  Their vehicle is broken down right now and they aren't able to go anywhere.  The head is cracked on their motor.  They have tried 2 different used heads with no success.  A church in northern Canada sent them the money to buy a new head for the Toyota Land Rover.  A man in our church gave them a torque wrench to put the proper torque on the bolts.  It is very difficult to sit in a new country without a vehicle that works.  The public transportation is difficult to handle with children.
    We are praising the Lord that they are in a safer country in Africa.  The Lord is supplying their needs and taking good care of them.

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"The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace. Psalm 29:11