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Feb 3, 2012

The Market Circle

The boys playing pipes.  Papa was having so much fun!
We needed to get material for the curtains and Velcro.  After another great breakfast Laura made and a good cup of coffee we started of to the Market Circle.  Papa was still wondering why Joe and Laura were still here in Ghana.  Certainly they could find a nicer place to serve the Lord!  He was ready to tell them that he thought they needed to pack up and come home.  He was starting to be able to notice the people instead of just the atmosphere.  As we would drive down the road people would wave and yell, "Pastor Joe"! 

As we started going around the Market Circle we looked at the variety of stores and shops.  When we slowed down or stopped on the road kids would be calling into the windows, "Danny" or "Bonnie".  Adults would wave and yell, "Pastor Joe". 

The Market Circle is one mile around.  The shops are on both sides of the road all around the circle.  At intervals there are entrances into the circle.  There is a maze of little booths to fill the area of the circle.  Joe and Papa kept the kids in the car while Laura and I entered into the maze.  It would take hours to walk the entire area of the circle.  So we started at a little sewing shop just into the entrance.  We asked if they knew where to get Velcro.  They didn't understand what we wanted until I showed them my flip flop with Velcro ribbons on them.  They said they we should try to shoe shop.  It was a booth a few feet closer to the entrance.  I asked for 2 yards of Velcro.  We got it with no problem.  What a blessing.  Next we needed to find some material that would make some bright curtains for the house.  We found some yellow for the living room and pink for Bonnie.  It didn't take very long, but the guys and kids were in the hot car waiting for us.

Oops the trash is overflowing.
That high sidewalk is a cover for the sewer ditch.  Buster looked down into that and saw the water meter for a line to the grocery store.  We are sure that is the main difference between America and other countries.  It is our care of water! 

We headed back home and to work on our projects.  Of course, we had to take a rest too.  The kids really need a rest, not to mention Nana! 

Getting those curtains done
We didn't wash the material before I sewed it because Laura wasn't too sure that it wouldn't fall apart.  She started helping me cut out some pieces that we would use for tabs with Velcro on them.  Laura started getting a headache.  She went on and did something else for awhile while I kept sewing.  The kids wanted to help me so much that they came up with the idea that they could push the peddle for me. 

My peddle-pushers!
After supper Laura tried to help with cutting out again and then she really got a headache and sick to her stomach.  It didn't dawn on me until during the night that Laura must be allergic to whatever was on the material for a treatment.  It could have been formaldehyde or something like that to keep the material from molding and to keep the bugs out of it.  Whatever it was it really bothered Laura.  We stopped and washed the material by hand carefully to keep it from falling apart.  
While the material was drying I went on to other more important things.  Bonnie and I had dolls to play with.  The doll that I sent to Bonnie before had problems with her hair do.  I needed to get it fixed.  Bonnie got a doll and more clothes from the missionary that was leaving the country. 

Bonnie's new doll and doll clothes. 

Bonnie loves her dolls. 

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  1. So sweet to see you playing with Bonnie! I am sure she loved that to the fullest. And, my own kids ask to push the pedal when I am sewing. How much fun kids are!


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