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Feb 8, 2012

The Changing Moment

Looking at the new ceiling

Looking at the floor

Lo practicing before church

As I said before Buster wasn't impressed with Africa.  He still couldn't understand why God would send his son to this smelly, dirty place.  Of course he enjoyed playing with the kids, seeing the people, driving around the area, and getting the feel of the area; but still he just couldn't see the reason.  He saw the Christian-like sayings on all the Taxis and stores, the churches every where, and modest dress of the ladies.  Why did Joe and Lo need to give their lives here?  We raised the kids to serve the Lord.  This is what we had dreamed about for years, but the reality of the location was overwhelming. 
On Wednesday evening we got ready for church.  The kids were excited to show us their church.  I had visited this church when I was here five years ago.  So much had changed.  The ceiling was beautiful!  The floors were polished concrete.

A few young adults came and a young teenager.  The services began.  Joe was leading the singing with Lo playing the clarinet.  I started listening carefully.  It was absolutely beautiful singing.  It filled the room entirely.  I could sing as loud as I wanted and could not hear myself.  What beautiful singing.  Not us, you know we aren't know for our singing; but the people in church were singing with their entire hearts to the Lord.  The people gave testimonies of how the Lord was so good to them.  Joe preached a very good sermon with teaching points and challenges to live for the Lord.  Our hearts were full.  It was such an enormous surprise, our hearts were full when the services were over. 

"Until I went into the sanctuary of God: then understood I their end."  Psalm 73:17.

As parents we want our children to serve the Lord.  We want them happy.  On the other hand, we really don't want them to face danger every day.  We don't want them that far from home.  But God worked in our hearts that evening and showed us that He had Joe and Laura in Africa for His purpose.  He would take care of them.  He would use them to share the gospel with these people.  He would use Gilbert, Danny, and Bonnie to spread the gospel to the young people.  We trusted the Lord when they left for Africa.  This was different, we could see God working with this faithful family.  

We both slept much more soundly that night as we rested in the knowledge that God was working in this family and church. 

There are lilies in Joseph's yard!

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  1. This was very, very touching, Mrs. Consford, and I appreciate you posting it. I enjoyed seeing things through your perspectives, as the parents of missionaries. I also appreciate YOUR tender heart to the Lord to let them serve as God has called them! I know this is very, very important to Joe and Laura, to know they have you supporting them.


"The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace. Psalm 29:11