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Jan 16, 2012

We aren't there yet!

We were landing in much different country than America.  I can remember the smells and the bustle and traffic.  This would all be new to Buster.  I had tried to explain what it is like many times, but you really have to experience it yourself.  Many things could happen to keep Joe from meeting us.  We knew his vehicle is not in the best of shape.  It is a 4-6 hour trip for him to the airport.  Anything could happen.  We had the directions to the Guest House if he didn't show up.  Every time before I didn't even have to wonder where Joe would be.  He would figure some way to have someone meet me at the gate.  Someone would hand me a cell phone and Joe would tell me that I should follow the man he sent to meet me.  That man would lead me through customs and to get my bags.  This time it would be different though, I was sure of it. 

Every thing seemed different to me.  Christmas decorations were everywhere!  Green and Red draping material were on the walls with Christmas lights everywhere.  Since I was there the Oil Companies have been drilling and doing a big, bang-up business here in Ghana.  With the extra airline traffic and the oil workings you could tell much had been done to update the airport.  We didn't see Joe and no one was there to meet us.  Would we be on our own in this strange country or would he be just around the corner?  We went through customs without any difficulty.  A porter was asking us about our luggage when I looked up and saw Joe standing at the carousel waiting for us to get our bags.  Some how he had been able to come into the airport that far.  It was a good feeling to see him standing over there! 

Joe helped us with our luggage and off to his car we went.  A national had traveled with him from Takoradi.  His name is Dan.  He interprets for Joe and visits with him.

The Baptist Guest House is not far from the airport.  We would spend the night there and travel during the day on to Joe's house.  The Southern Baptists have a very nice guest house in Accra.  Joe stays there when he comes to Accra.  In fact, the man in charge came to Joe & Lo's rescue when they were evacuated out of the Ivory Coast by the Italian Air force.  The Italians landed on the flight line and let Joe & Lo out at the end of the runway.  They had no visas or paperwork to get into the country and no where to go.  Joe called several contacts before he called this Guest House.  Bro. Jimmy Hershy told him to wait right there and he would be there in a minute.  Joe was never so happy to see anyone in his whole life.  Bro. Jimmy gave Joe & Lo a place to stay until they could get temporary visas and a ticket back to America.  All that happened before Gilbert was born.  Joe & Jimmy have become good friends. 

Once we got to the Guest House, we showered and went to bed.  It would be an adventure tomorrow on the way from Accra to Takoradi. 

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