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Jan 14, 2012

The Flight

We arrived at the airport in plenty of time.  Two hours is normal, but we were there 4 hours early.  We would have time to walk around to find where we were supposed to be and also to get a cup of coffee and think.  We had chosen our seats on the plane. We would be sitting forward of the wings.  The first leg of our flight would be on Continental. 

The first flight should take about 10 hours.  Both Buster and I love to watch people.  What are the people doing and where are they going.  How many would go on to Africa with us and how many are going to Europe.    While we sat waiting I was clicking off the ways that I had prepared for our trip.  I packed gum for the take-offs and landings.  We each had magazines to casually look at, books to read, and of course our Bibles.  I had included a few candy bars, granola bars, and Airborne.  We filled our water bottles at the water fountain.  Now, we were ready to go. 

Soon the lady at the gate desk called that it was time to board.  They call the back seat first and load toward the front.  We nervously head toward our seats.  This part is always my least favorite.  I hate to try to fit between the seats down the isle.  I always get my stuff stuck between the seats.  We found our seats and squeezed into them.  Buster was on the isle which would be good for him.  He could get up and down without bothering anyone else.  I knew he would want to get up and walk around.  So far we have been 12 hours on this trip. 

The take-off was great and our gum chewing started.  Soon we settled into the seats leaned back just a little and tried to rest.  You know that we couldn't sleep at all on that leg of our journey.  We were too keyed up with the anticipation of seeing Joe, Lo, and those kids.  What would we find when we got there?  Would it be like I had remembered when I went there before?  Have things changed much?  Would Buster have a good time?  We read our books and tried to rest.   10 hours later we landed in Frankfurt, Germany. 

As we excited the plane the Airlines have people that help you and direct you to the right direction.  The lady didn't know where we were supposed to go.  So we headed on our own to find the right gate.  I wasn't sure if we would have to go through customs or not so we just kept walking until we got the customs area.  An attendant there told us to go straight to our gates and pointed us in the right directions.  We reached the gates with plenty of time to get coffee and stop by the restrooms.  We were so tired.  So far we had been gone 23 hours without sleep. 

We loaded onto this plane and were able to sit in the front of the economy section.  Buster would have more leg room and these seats reclined much more than the last ones.  As we settled into our seats we relaxed.  We could sleep this time.  There would be no reading this time I just knew it.  We woke up only when the stewards came by with meals or drinks.  The meals were so tasty.  It was a pleasant surprise.  9 hours later we landed.

Where would Joe be?  Would he have made it to the airport?  How would customs be this time?

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