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Sep 21, 2011

A visit from Lori & Eli

The Battleship Texas
We were so glad to see the kids when they came for a visit.  They have been married for eight months now.  Lori & Eli definately are a cute couple.  They are very happy together and enjoy each other's company.  It is such a blessing to both Buster & me.  I think that one fear of every mother is that their daughter might marry someone who doesn't appreciate their daughter.  This is not the case here.  Eli really does love and care for our little girl. 

While they were here we did get many things done.  Eli brought his tools and could repair the lawn mower, the trimmer, and the Mule.  What a blessing he was to Buster.  He went on calls with him and tried to go on some fire calls.  We couldn't believe it - we had no fires called out while they were here. 

Lori and I worked on cutting out vynal letters for some of my walls.  We didn't get the kitchen finished, but she did inspire me to get that done.  We went shopping, garage saling, and looking at the shops in town.
Enjoying the waves

Buster took off one day so that we could go to the beach, ride the ferry, and see the Battleship Texas.  We did have fun! 

Eli loved to see things up close!
Buster enjoyed sharing one of his favorite sites

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