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Sep 21, 2011

Too Much Drama

Nannie walking outside
On Monday I took Nannie for a check-up at the Dr. office.  Dr. Oglesbee said we had way too much drama going on at our house.  Now, I have been thinking about that.  What part of our drama would we do without?  Can you just quit listening to your grown children's problems, can you ask others not to tell you about broken arms, illnesses, and problems?  No, and I would not want to live in isolation from our family and friends. 

We do not try to stress about each little problem.  We pray about them and go on.  Our Lord is in control of each situation. 

Some of the drama that is going on would be a part of every family's life.  My husband is a volunteer fireman for our county.  He has been out on many grass fires in the past few weeks.  We are suffering from an extreme drought situation this year.  We are under a burn ban and also water use restrictions.
We operate 4 rural water systems in the county as our way of making a living.  We have two technicians that help read meters and repair leaks.  We also have two secretaries to do the paperwork.  We each have taken a turn at a virus that has lasted 2-4 days.  Even Nannie has had the virus. 

One day last week our son in Ghana, W. Africa called to tell us that he thinks his wife's cancer is back.  She is just now getting well from Typhoid Fever.   Last year she had cancer on her forehead.  She had to face radiation treatments before they went back to Africa.
Joe, Laura,  kids in Africa

In just a few minutes after his call, our daughter in Canada called to tell us she was 8 hours from home with her three little girls and was having a kidney stone attack at the hotel.   Her three little girls face asthma, and severe alergies everyday. We were concerned that the girls would not be able to handle their mother being ill that far from home.
Dave & Mandy & kids

Of course, we could do nothing to help each situation, but pray.  Our Lord heard and answered prayer for both children.  Our son called the next morning to tell us that his wife's sores were gone.  Our daughter called to tell us that the pain had quit for the time being. 

Dad & Mom
My mom's breast cancer has returned.  I wanted to visit with her before she became ill. We took a week off to drive 24 hours one way to visit.  It was a glorious time.  She is feeling well, but tires easily.  It was such a good visit. Dad has lost weight, but he has been working outside more that usual.  I am praying for them as they go through this stressful time in their life.  I want to be with them, but the distance is a hindrance. 

Need a starbuck?
Our daughter in Missouri was going through a rough time at her work.  She wanted a part time job at Joan's craft store.  After she started to work, their boss quit and left the store with them.  She has been struggling to work and do the manager's job too.  She is more than capable of doing all of the work, but she was stressing as she went through the problem.  Things have settled down for her now and she is much happier. 

Our niece, Betsy, is our other secretary.  She is struggling now with her finances.  She got a job she can work on at our office.  She has been working many hours each day to keep up with both jobs.  She is almost finished with the second job.  This week her oldest daughter fell down the stairs at college and has hurt her arm.  She had to have it x-rayed.  Now she is in a brace.  The harder Betsy works the more behind she gets. 
Betsy fixing Johna's brace

Drama?  No, I don't think it is drama.  We all have problems.  We can look to see how God takes care of us through our problems. 

The biggest drama we face daily is the situation our country faces now.  Our country is in desperate shape.  She has not been putting God first.  In every area of the Country's life she has been pushing God out.  She is saying we don't need God any more.  It is a lie.  I hate to say that the leadership in our country is going the wrong way.  They are trying to do it without God's help.  It doesn't work.  Our country was founded on the one main principal that God is our leader.  Without God's help we will be in wreck and ruin in just no time at all.  We can pray and beg God for help, but we also need to have leadership that understands this very important principal.  In God we trust. 

The drama will continue at our house.  The principle in Proverbs is still true.  "Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox."  Proverbs 14:4.  Problems come because there is much going on in our lives.   I do not want a clean crib with no problems.  The strength of a family is measured by the problems that they face. 

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