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Feb 23, 2010

Lori - our youngest child

    Lori is a precious kid.  She works hard, gives 100% in all she does, helps as much as possible, and is very sensitive to others' needs.  In other words, we are very proud of her. 
    Two years ago, Lori moved to Spokane, Washington, to teach 7th grade at Faith Baptist Church.  Spokane is only about five hours south of Kelowna, B.C.  She is close enough to visit often with Mandy and her family.  Lori felt she needed to try living on her own.  At 27 years old, we felt she needed her chance to shine. 
    The Christian school and church have taken her in and loved her like her own home church. Lori loves it there.  She loves teaching Jr. High; she loves the church, the people, and the opportunity to be on her own.  I did not get married until after I graduated from college and taught one year in our Christian School; so I could understand her feelings in the matter.
    Last year, Lori was an assistant coach for the J.V. volleyball team.  This year, she was the coach.  What fun she has had in training the girls in a sport she loves.  She had a great time in traveling around playing other teams.  The J.V. team had a wonderful season. 
    Last summer, she did not come home.  She volunteered to help a church about twenty hours north in British Columbia with their Vacation Bible.  Mandy and her girls wanted to help too.  So all five girls went to help with the VBS.  They did the decorations, the lessons, the games, and guided the church workers in the VBS.  They had a wonderful time. Faith Baptist kept her busy the rest of the summer.
    We are looking forward to spring break.  We don't know if she is planning to come home or help Mandy move.  Either way she goes, she will be a blessing.

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  1. What a precious post! How wonderful to see your child growing in service of the King!


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